Back to the Basics

April 29, 2020
The Church must rethink her place in society and get back to the basics of offering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lovely Shepherd

April 26, 2020
Who is the Lovely Shepherd? Why is He the Lovely Shepherd? When is He the Lovely Shepherd?
Today's temptation: chewing on gravel, jumping off steeples and having fake church.

My Pain, His Purpose

April 19, 2020


April 19, 2020
During this time of quarantine, we must be sure to exercise spirit-filled love to our families; in this way we honor God.
We cannot travel back to the good ole days, nor can we travel forward to anticipated good days. We must learn to enjoy the "now."

Peace in the Pandemic

April 12, 2020
This Easter churches all over the world will be empty. The good news is--so is the grave! Thankful that our hearts are not empty, but are filled with the Spirit of Christ.
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