Welcome to The Well! We are thrilled you are here.

First Time Visitors

From the moment you walk through the door, we aim to warmly welcome you to The Well. If you truly want to join a family, then The Well has a place for you. Our team would love to welcome you and answer any questions. Please see an usher or speak with a hospitality hostess to assist you. Again, we are thrilled that you are here!

During this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person worship service has resumed to Sunday morning worship at 11:00. Please check the News & Updates tab to view the COVID-19 guidelines we will follow for safety measures for in-person attendance. All other events and learning experiences will be accessed virtually or online.

Our church is located in Collins, Mississippi. For your convenience, please see the location map at the bottom of the webpage for the address and driving directions. We look forward to greeting you. Until then, grace and peace to you and your family.

Get Involved

While social distancing physically, we can still be involved and stay connected virtually.  All sermons and mid-week Bible Study messages will premiere on YouTube Live and on Facebook on Sundays at 11:00 am and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

Please join us and subscribe to our social media platforms to remain connected with the teaching of the Word of God and to stay connected to other brothers and sisters in Christ. Additional information, updates and blog posts may be found here on our website.

Follow us for virtual learning experiences: 

  • Facebook: @Old Hopewell Church
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You also may access the platforms by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of the webpage.

Experience God & Build Community

Christ’s cross embraces the world (Isaiah 49:6; John 3:16) and necessitates that the church embraces community. The embrace of Christ points out the necessity to embrace our brothers and sisters (Galatians 6:10). We are drawn into a new family of community by sacrifice of Christ (John 1:12) and the fellowship of believers. In communion with the Creator, we find ourselves in communion with His created order, both animated and in humanity.

Bible Study

Weekly Bible Study provides a rich time of Bible instruction and study, edification, and fellowship with other believers. Our principal commitment remains to teach and train Christians to think biblically—to build a Christian worldview—and encourage them to apply that knowledge in all areas of their lives. Regular attendance at weekly Bible Study provides a book by book exposition of God’s Word, promoting growth in the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and thereby strengthening our faith. Why? As we live out that knowledge in the world, we will “live well.” And, as we continue to rest our faith in the hope of Christ, we will ultimately “hope well.”

~Live Well. Hope Well.


832 Hopewell Road
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