God's plans are never foiled or frustrated. Though world events appear chaotic and out of control, God is sovereignly in control. He is not a batter swinging and missing the ball. He is the pitcher who only pitches no hitters.

Yielding to God’s Plan

December 20, 2020
Are you yielding to God's plan?

Help Me With My Bandages

December 13, 2020
I need your help. Will you help me with my bandages? God is still working on me.

Waiting to be Better

December 6, 2020
Are you waiting to be better?

Lazarus, Come Out

November 22, 2020
God is all-powerful. When you call on Him, you will get all of Him.

The Unity of God

November 15, 2020
This text is not about Lazarus and the grave, but about God and His glory!

Trained to Triumph

October 28, 2020
When we train to be like Christ, we will triumph like Christ.

Misery for His Majesty

October 25, 2020
Misery for His Majesty. . .

Jesus Has Left the Building?

October 18, 2020
How long can you go without your cell phone, checking your messages or email or your status on Facebook? The real question is how long can you go without Jesus? Have you chased Jesus from the temple and have NOT noticed that He has left the building?
Jesus walks with us during our winter seasons of life. He is right where we asked Him to be.
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