Dear Friends,

This Easter the Church will not celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as a collective congregation in the local sanctuary but worldwide she will celebrate Easter huddled at home, hidden behind closed doors, sheltered from COVID19. For the first time in centuries, the Church will celebrate Easter in a very similar way as the first Christians (Believers) celebrated the Easter (Luke 24:33-42).

When Christ rose from the dead (Matt. 27; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 29), His disciples were huddled at home (Luke 24:33) helplessly protecting themselves from the encroaching demonic pandemic spread by a spiteful Sanhedrin and ruthless Roman government.

Suddenly, our death conquering Lord stood in the middle of His cowering congregation and proclaimed His power by pronouncing peace (v. 36).

On April 12, 2020 as the church crouches and cringes from COVID-19 chaos, she finds herself in a situation similar to that of the disciples on the first Easter. Like the first disciples, we will celebrate Easter at home. But we can celebrate in peace because Christ ended the conflict (Romans 5:1); therefore, we can experience comfort (John 14:27). Again, Christ’s grief on the cross and His gift to us brings peace (Colossians 1:20). Today, Christ provides the same peace. His peace emerges tactile and truthful.

Christ demonstrated the validity and veracity of His peace by presenting His piercings (v. 39) and partaking of their pieces (v. 41).

A. Christ presented His piercings: He allowed them to touch His piercings (hands and side).

B. Christ partook of their pieces: He accepted broil fish from them.

This Easter or Resurrection Sunday as we huddle at home (cringing from the catastrophe and crouching from the chaos) we can have peace in the pandemic. In the middle of COVID-19 while Christians are huddled, Christ stands in our homes and proclaims PEACE!

For them He stood among them, allowed them to touch Him and nibbled on broiled fish. Today He negates social-distancing and stands among us, negotiates physical contact by touching our needs and conquers contaminated cuisine, offering us the bread of the Word. Peace through piercings and pieces.

~Live Well. Hope Well.

In His Service,

Thomas McSwain, Jr.