The Apostle Paul articulately debunks self-righteous living, un-shelves unused imputed righteousness and sets forth a demonstrative practical righteousness that actively seeks to know God (Phil. 4:4-12). He seeks to activate what he appropriated. Paul knows Christ’s imputed righteousness makes him positionally right with God, but expresses a consuming desire to know, practically and personally, the person that afforded him this positional righteousness. Paul wants to know Christ. Do you?

Knowing Scripture is not an end in and of itself, but it is the avenue for knowing the God of the Scriptures. To know the Scriptures truly is to know Christ. My prayer is that God would help me to know Him so intently and with such depth as to forget myself. The goal is to become so consumed with knowing God that my person becomes subsumed in Him. As we gaze at Christ, may the Holy Spirit help us to increasingly become like Him on whom we gaze (2 Cor. 3:18).

What is the goal? To know Christ!

~Live Well. Hope Well.

In His Service,
Thomas McSwain, Jr.