Dear Friends,

Are you living too loudly? Scripture admonishes us to live quiet, peaceful lives. Based on that evaluation and admonishment, it is easy to say that some of our lives are way too loud! Our lives are so loud that it drowns out the glory of God. Our very existence is predicated on God’s desire to receive some measure of glory from our lives. Our lives’ struggles and victories are designed to bring God glory. Our presence on the earth should magnify the presence of God in our lives.

When the unbelieving world looks at our lives, they ought to conclude that God is worthy of extrinsic glory. To be sure, intrinsically, God’s glory never changes and does not need affirmation; however, we are to ascribe glory to Him when we acknowledge the glory that we do indeed see. Our lives become too noisy, too loud when it outshines the glory of God.

Why are we attempting to live loud lives when God has admonished us to live quiet lives? It is because we desire God’s glory. We desire to outshine; we desire to be better than God. Is this not the sin of Lucifer? Noisy as opposed to quiet. If so, you are living too loudly.
~Live Well. Hope Well.

In His Service,
Thomas McSwain. Jr.